The Authoritist Manifesto

(Three Principles of Growing a Wildly Profitable Business)

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These three little principles form the backbone of Authoritist and its mission to help infopreneurs – including coaches, consultants, and educators – profit by sharing their wisdom with the world.


Brilliant Brands Begin With Brilliant People

There are no shortcuts to fabulousness; if you want to build the best business possible, you need to be the best entrepreneur possible. (Which means investing time, energy, and yes, sometimes money, into your greatness.)

This of course involves honing your craft to become an industry pro, as well as developing your skills as a business owner (i.e. understanding how to create and market an exceptional brand).

But equally important is how you show up, personally: your level of passion; how consistent you are; whether you persevere when things aren’t easy.

That’s why Authoritist is committed to not only arming you with the knowledge to crush it as an entrepreneur, with programs and content that concentrate on heightening your skills as quickly and efficiently as possible. But to also helping you develop the characteristics and mindset necessary for success...and holding you accountable in a way that allows you to exceed your own expectations.


You're Only As Strong As Your Weakest Offer

For any business to be successful, it must offer a problem-solving product or service and communicate the value of that product/service clearly and effectively to the right people.

Yet I often see well-intentioned entrepreneurs with offers that don’t appeal to the market (because they don’t address the most pressing needs of their audience) or are murky in their presentation and thus fail to convince potential buyers of their value.

That’s why teaching product development – including positioning and marketing – is a cornerstone of what I do. Because you can’t make money if you don’t have anything to sell. And making incredible money? Begins with an incredible offer.


Freedom Should Always Be The Ultimate Goal

All too frequently, entrepreneurs create jobs for themselves, where they’re working every hour of the day and night, with no balance or boundaries, wearing themselves out and many times not yielding results that match their input.

But that’s not what we sign up for.

I’m betting that you decided on self-employment because you wanted the power to control your income…your hours…your lifestyle. You wanted freedom. And you should never lose sight of that.

That’s why I help business owners become intentional in their planning and implementation, and streamline their companies so they can (in many ways) run on autopilot.

Because this is the trick to achieving that freedom-centric vision…and the secret to a long and happy (entrepreneurial) life.

People. Products. Planning.

  • Becoming the best version of your business-owning self;
  • Creating fanstastic products or services;
  • Organizing in a way that prioritizes your freedom whilst maxmizing your success.

These are, in summary, the three principles that form Authoritist's foundation and enable clients and followers to get outstanding results.

Learn how you can apply them to your own business by watching the free training below...

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