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I Help Coaches, Consultants & Educators Build Gorgeously Branded, Wildly Profitable, Unnervingly Efficient Companies.

Ready To position as An Authoritist?

At Authoritist, Passion, Planning And Profits Make Us Swoon. We Work With The World's Best Clients To Create Smart, Sustainable Businesses, Fueled By Three Fundamental Principles:

Brilliant brands begin with brilliant people

Great entrepreneurship derives from focus, consistency, a sense of purpose, and an ongoing commitment to learning and improvement.


You're only as strong as your weakest offer

Product development is the cornerstone of your success. Design and showcase your assets in a way that makes them impossible to resist.


Freedom should always be the ultimate goal

If you're working more and earning less than you could in a regular 9-5, it's time to seriously re-evaluate. And we should definitely chat.


Hey, I'm Amber-Celeste...

Strategist, Brand Marketing Pro, Creator of the Scale It To Six™ Method, And Champion of the "No Bullshit / No Excuses" Approach.

I run this op, along with a trusty team of creative geniuses.

And I believe that building a business shouldn't be tear-inducing; there should be equally large servings of financial and emotional reward; and that its design should perfectly complement an awe-inspiring life.

You in? Then let's get down to work.

"Amber-Celeste is the perfect blend of unicorn, genius and samurai."

How We Getcha Results 


Plan, Brand & Market to Maximize Revenue and Exposure.


Develop Biz Smarts to Remain Relevant and Competitive.


Scale Up with Automated Sales and Streamlined Processes.


Stay Focused and Accountable for Rapid, Consistent Results.

I Need to Uplevel Strategy & Skills

I Need Marketing & Project Support

Amber-Celeste is not only a branding and marketing powerhouse, but also an incredible strategist. She has an amazing quantity of cutting to the chase and identifying the root cause of an issue. Add that to her ability to dispense the right advice and create a plan for that advice to stick, and you have a coach that gets results. I can tell you that she has made a huge difference in my life and business.

Crack the "Consistent Clients" Code 

Watch the Free Scale It To Six Masterclass For A Step-By-Step To Taking Your Coachsulting Company to 100k & Beyond...

Crack the "Consistent  Clients" Code  

Watch the Free Scale It To Six Masterclass For A Step-By-Step To Taking Your Coachsulting Company to 100k & Beyond...